Brendan Bowyer in Person at Bishops Palace Waterford.

Brendan Bowyer in Person at Bishop’s Palace, Waterford, Ireland. (2016) Complete Control Films

Brendan Bowyer in Person at Bishop’s Palace, Waterford, Ireland.

An intimate portrait of one of Ireland’s most iconic performers detailing personal reflections, career highlights and fascinating anecdotes. A journey from Waterford to Vegas through a gallery of stars. An Irish hero comes home.

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Writer / Director / Producer : Michael Twomey
Film / Photography / Editor: Kieran McCarthy

Wish You Were Here The Redbarn Story at Triskel Arts Centre Christchurch Cork City

Wish You Were Here: The Redbarn Story screens at Triskel Arts Centre

NEW SCREENING IN CORK CITY: Complete Control Films are proud to announce the screening of Wish You Were Here: The Redbarn Story at Triskel Arts Centre Christchurch, Cork City: Thursday August 31st 8pm. The one-off screening of this hugely popular film affords us a great opportunity to engage with the people of Cork, their long association with holidays at Redbarn Beach and their memories of the dancehall days.

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Wish You Were Here The Redbarn Story at Triskel Arts Centre Christchurch Cork City

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Wish You Were Here: The Redbarn Story (Trailer)

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Wish You Were Here: The Redbarn Story captures a unique moment in Irish history. A time when 3,000 people packed the Redbarn ballroom just to dance.

An era of boys to one side and girls to the other. Here are the stories of young people cramming into cars, sneaking out and hitching to the dance, riding bikes, walking miles to the venue and home again along the country roads and beach.

Here is the generation of romance, carefree summer holidays and hot, sweaty nights dancing to the sounds of swing, rock ‘n’ roll and country.

The Printer Exhibition Comes Home To Youghal – August 2nd To 20th 2016

The Printer is a short documentary and exhibition by Complete Control Films running at Cumann Na Daoine Community Development Resource Centre in Youghal from Tuesday 2nd to Friday 20th August. Free Entry.

‘The Printer’ exhibition will be officially launched at 8pm, Tuesday 2nd of August.The film will be shown on the large screen with refreshments provided. All welcome.

The short film with supporting photographic images and artifacts are an insight to the workings of Youghal heritage print house Fields Printers. The establishment dates back to Victorian Times and is still in operation today, run by Bill Field, the last in a long line of family printers.

Complete Control Films duo Michael Twomey and Kieran McCarthy, both Youghal natives, carried out this body of work to highlight one of the towns most special shops as well as local treasure Bill Field the proprietor. It is not lost on the filmmakers that Fields unique print house is of great importance to the town in both heritage and tourism terms.

Much of Youghal’s most iconic historical artifacts are no longer present in the area which is a great loss to the community. “We should always celebrate first and foremost local culture because that’s how everything gets a foothold and takes shape, says Twomey. “Having this exhibition and film in Youghal means we can do that as well as represent ourselves in a unique way to visitors and share our culture in a very positive way.”

The Printer (2015) Complete Control Films

The dying art of handcrafted setting and printing processes are illustrated beautifully in The Printer documentary, which is accompanied by digital slideshows of supporting photography. Archive posters from the 1930’s and 1940’s are a hugely popular element of the show. All printed by Fields Printers they serve as to address landmarks of Youghal towns colourful past. Highlights include the original premiere poster for Moby Dick and a town council poster urging Youghal natives to delay implementing the new regime of changing the clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

The exhibition was first shown at Triskel Arts Centre in Cork City which has strong ties with Youghal, forged by their staging of the photographic exhibition ‘Last Days: The End of Carpets at Youghal’ in 2007.

The Printer exhibition drew great attendance figures on it’s first outing in Cork City, January until March this year, the launch night boasting a turnout of over 300 people. It was of great concern that the exhibition also take place in it’s hometown of Youghal, this has been made possible by local support of Brookes SuperValu, Youghal and Cumann na Daoine.

The Printer runs 2nd to 20th August in Cumann na Daoine (1st floor) on Catherine St, Youghal, Co. Cork Ireland.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.30am – 12.30pm & 2.30pm – 5.00pm.

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