A documentary film on the social changes to Youghal town during the boom years.

This film that takes a contemplative look at what happens to a town when all its industry disappears, its economic centre collapses and speculators change the landscape. This is a story of how a town can effectively die when politicians make the wrong decisions and when politics has no vision. With interviews from experts and local businesses, the film reflects on how greed and apathy led to the neglect of a town throughout the Irish ‘boom years’.

Film launched Monday 17th December 2012 8pm

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Town Out Of Time – What people have said

“I was very impressed. It’s an excellent documentary and deserves a wider audience.”
Dr. Gwenda Young. Senior Film Lecturer, UCC

“A searingly honest, well-crafted, well-researched documentary portraying a town struggling to re-establish its identity.”
Colm Keane. RTE Broadcaster

“…it is taut and focused, sharp and powerful… visually, the film is stunning. The overall effect is of a tragic beauty. This is the kind of filmmaking that we need.”
Dr. Kieran Keohane. Sociologist and author, UCC

“…it’s excellent: raw, powerful…The montage of the closed shop-fronts, in particular, was stunning… a superb piece of work.”
Carl O’ Brien. Chief Reporter, The Irish Times.

“Excellent film about the economic collapse of Youghal, a small town in Co. Cork in Ireland.”
Stephen Kinsella. Lecturer in Economics, University of Limerick

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Email: info@completecontrolfilms.com   Facebook: www.facebook.com/completecontrolfilms

Town Out Of Time – A documentary film on the social changes to Youghal town during the boom years.